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Extended warranty insurance

Stretch your motorbike’s worth with extended warranty insurance

Extended warranty insurance lets you bike with utmost confidence. You will know that while you ride your motorbike, lifestyle and cash position are fully protected. Because should technical failure strike, you need not fork out for expensive repairs. Natloans customises superior extended warranty insurance solutions for you and your bike. Leveraging national networks of quality insurers alongside full professional impartiality. So we are free to work on your behalf sourcing the end-to-end bike protection you deserve.

Life is full of unknowns. Yet with extended warranty insurance fuelling your motorbike you can rest easy. Whether your coveted ride is a new or used motorbike, extended warranty insurance covers you against:

  • Major mechanical failure
  • Electrical failure

Your motorbike is a key lifestyle, travel and perhaps even business asset. So don’t risk being without its many benefits or being struck by monumental repair bills. Let Natloans expert brokers customise a comprehensive extended warranty insurance solution to meet your unique needs.

Extend the ultimate warranty insurance protection to your motorbike

Warranty insurance is the bedrock of long-term financial security. When your manufacturer’s or dealer’s statutory warranty runs out, extended warranty insurance steps into the breach. Effectively extending your enjoyment of warranty benefits and stable cash position. So potential repairs, labour expenses and costly technical failures are taken care of.

Extended warranty insurance customised to your unique needs

Not all extended warranty insurance solutions are the same. Some carry hidden costs while others encompass terms that compromise your financial flexibility. So Natloans motors you towards Australia’s best extended warranty insurance options. Then expertly customises these to match your bike, budget and circumstances. Because we are professionally independent, our policy selection is purely impartial. That means you can be sure our extended warranty insurance solutions only cover what you need. No expensive yet superfluous add-ons. What every Natloans extended warranty insurance package does carry are:

  • Flexible premium payment options
  • Protection matched to your motorbike and riding style
  • Your choice of cover commencement from time of motorbike purchase or during the manufacturer warranty period
  • Freedom to include extra cover like roadside assistance
  • Competitive excess

Safeguard your motorbike and cash position with expertly sourced extended warranty insurance. Apply online for your quick yet detailed quote. Or speak to your personal extended warranty insurance specialist at Natloans today.

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