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Tyre and rim insurance

Rely on your ride with tyre and rim insurance

Tyre and rim insurance safeguards your bike against on-road perils. Australian roads can be a great place to ride yet they also carry risks for your wheels. Potholes, road top and road side debris. All can play havoc with your tyre and rim health. So Natloans’ customised tyre and rim insurance protects these two crucial pieces of your bike’s anatomy. Get a quote within minutes using our easy online application. Or put our expert brokers to work objectively sourcing you the best tyre and rim insurance solution. Matched always to your individual circumstances and bike. No fuss, no unnecessary extras, no delay.

Repairing your ride can be an expensive exercise. Yet tyre and rim damage can put your motorbike out of commission. And who can afford to be without their trusted pair of wheels? Natloans’ customised insurance spares you significant cash outlay to repair or replace bike tyre and rims. So your cash position is preserved while you rapidly recover your bike’s roadworthiness. We source your optimum tyre and rim insurance cover from our nationwide networks of reputable providers. Ensuring you the perfect fit and utmost protection.

Tyre and rim insurance lets you bike easy

You want fuss-free enjoyment of your motorbike. But without healthy functional tyres and rims you will be left with a barely functioning ride. So comprehensive tyre and rim insurance is a must for any devout biker. That is why Natloans works wonders for your wheels.
We tailor insurance solutions that protect your bike’s tyres and rims against:

  • Puncture
  • Blowout
  • Kerb, pothole or road debris damage
  • Cracking
  • Warping

Tailored bike insurance for comprehensive cover

Want more time to enjoy your bike without treading through hundreds of tyre and rim insurance options? Natloans does the leg work so you can concentrate on your ride. We strip out insurance extras that bump up the costs of your policy. But we ensure you have all the protection you need.
So take your two wheels out on the road with absolute confidence. Just one call to Natloans clinches you superior tyre and rim insurance. Ensure your motorbike asset and cash position are seamlessly protected. Get your detailed tyre and rim bike insurance quote online anytime.

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